Tips for Acquiring Outsourced Software Product Development

When searching for an outsourced software product development vendor, it pays to have a list of prospect companies to choose from rather than signing with the first company you find. Competition is fierce in the market for software product development outsourcing, and you will find it beneficial to weigh your options, especially when you are working on a tight budget. There are several ways you can acquire a shortlist of capable vendors with attractive offers:

  • Ask for referrals from trusted business partners. Success with one of your business partners is a good sign of capable service. However, this doesn’t guarantee that they have enough expertise for the project you have at hand. Create a set of criteria that you need for your vendor to meet and make your final decision based on them.
  • Search engines are always great sources of information on software development companies. Include in your search string particular keywords referring to the technologies, industry, and expertise you may need to arrive at the appropriate provider so you can start researching about the right prospective vendors for the job.
  • Frequent job and project boards. If you simply need to out-task, these sources are great places to look, particularly when dealing with a smaller-scale project.
  • Trade associations are also good sources of information on possible vendors. Moreover, they can provide you sound advice on the best practices in the selection process of an outsourced provider.

To shorten your initial list, take into account important factors like their technical expertise, software development methodology, development team size (based on your project needs), their time zone, as well as their general pricing. Also, take into consideration business-level factors like their edge above competitors as well as the support they offer once the project has been completed. Make sure that the vendor you choose has financial security, good employee retention, and has the capability to help you scale up.