Are Offshore Software Development Companies On the Rise?

Many businesses that want to develop software and custom applications turn to offshore software development companies instead of making these products on their own. Offshore software development companies know and understand current IT and business requirements due to their experience in what they do and working with many different types of businesses around the world. They understand that you are looking for a custom application or software that is made specifically for your business. The need for offshore software development companies continues to rise as long as businesses require bespoke software that will enable them to function and conduct their tasks more efficiently and productively.

Offshore software development companies are highly preferable by many different clients. One of the leading software development companies, for instance, has created custom software for big names like 3M, Starbucks, and Thomson Reuters, and Microsoft. This shows that the company is reliable and trustworthy, and that they will be able to deliver the right solution that suits your business. While these are large companies, they understand that outsourcing software development to a certified and experienced developer can help them save money and time in the long run. This way, even small and medium sized companies can take inspiration from that and consider outsourcing their software and application development needs, too.

Certifications by seasoned and well-known software and IT companies like Microsoft have contributed to the rise of offshore software development companies. Being recognized as a Microsoft Gold partner for application development and a Silver partner for collaboration and content is considered an honor to these companies and their team of developers. These certifications guarantee clients that they are working with reliable, creative, and talented software developers.

Offshore software development companies do not merely develop, design, and create software. They can provide support and maintenance for applications, re-engineer existing applications, and assist in migrating legacy applications. Likewise, they are able to provide multi-tenant SaaS application development and cloud consulting. Hence, outsourcing software development to these companies ensures a complete solution and a one-stop source for any concerns in software development for your business.


The History of Microsoft BI Development

Microsoft continuously alters its business intelligence (BI) solutions to provide better tools, services, and applications with the client’s needs in mind. From a multi-dimensional model, a tabular model was introduced for more efficient data analysis, and it works with SSBI tools in Excel 2013, which offers new tools like Power Map, Power View, PowerPivot, and Power Query. When used with excel Services, you get a faster and effective way to accomplish a business intelligence project with shared dashboards. Moreover, you can report in an on-premise platform that runs on SharePoint Server 2013.

In 2000, Microsoft had a multidimensional model where data for analysis is processed, then built into multidimensional cubes to be written locally on a hard drive. This means you can execute business intelligence queries against a cube, which will retrieve aggregated values that were evaluated in advance when it was built. Back then, this approach is more efficient when analyzing large amounts of complex data.

Microsoft has recently introduced Power BI in 2015, a cloud-based business intelligence method in Office 365. It provides a reliable infrastructure for extracting data from anywhere online and load it into the Office 365 data cache to be used for data reporting and analysis. Excel 2013 is currently a high-end analysis tool for that infrastructure as it has SSBI tools. Power BI is more flexible, too, especially since it provides a wider reach with HTML5. That way, you can make custom BI dashboards and targeted reports for browsers and mobile devices.

These days, you now have the option to outsource business intelligence and data analytics to Microsoft Gold partner companies. These qualified companies can create and implement BI solutions, which range from systems analysis to report development and data warehousing. Reputable Microsoft business intelligence development solutions experts are adept in Microsoft technologies and BI technologies, so you can trust their team of developers, consultants, and architects in coming up with a bespoke solution for your business.

Benefits of Using an Offshore Outsourcing Software Development Company

For your business to gain a competitive advantage, it needs to be able to cut costs, offer better customer service, and optimize efficiency. All these can be achieved with custom software that can help improve your business operations. Outsourcing software development to a qualified company will ensure a high-quality product that can help your business succeed and improve its competitive edge. By outsourcing, you can minimize your internal costs, save time, and make sure that you are getting high-quality bespoke software that is designed and developed with your needs in mind.

Working with a reputable offshore software development company will help your business save money. Outsourcing helps reduce the workload on your employees while making sure that you do not have to worry about hiring your own software developers, resulting in a more cost-effective business when you have a smaller payroll to manage. Likewise, outsourcing will take less time than when you let experts develop your software. Doing so lets you and your employees focus on other important tasks in your company because you do not have to waste time recruiting, hiring, and training new employees for this type of project.

A software development company will ensure that your product is compliant to the globally accepted standards. When you work with software developers that are Microsoft Gold partners, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality product that is made specifically for your needs, and that it will be delivered to you faster for a timely launch. You can likewise leave other software development tasks to this type of company. Apart from offering custom software design and development, seasoned developers can take care of mobility solutions and develop solutions like cloud applications, HTML5 apps, mobile apps, and e-commerce apps. You can leave application testing, legacy application migration, re-engineering of an existing software, and feature enhancement to them, too.