Are Offshore Software Development Companies On the Rise?

Many businesses that want to develop software and custom applications turn to offshore software development companies instead of making these products on their own. Offshore software development companies know and understand current IT and business requirements due to their experience in what they do and working with many different types of businesses around the world. They understand that you are looking for a custom application or software that is made specifically for your business. The need for offshore software development companies continues to rise as long as businesses require bespoke software that will enable them to function and conduct their tasks more efficiently and productively.

Offshore software development companies are highly preferable by many different clients. One of the leading software development companies, for instance, has created custom software for big names like 3M, Starbucks, and Thomson Reuters, and Microsoft. This shows that the company is reliable and trustworthy, and that they will be able to deliver the right solution that suits your business. While these are large companies, they understand that outsourcing software development to a certified and experienced developer can help them save money and time in the long run. This way, even small and medium sized companies can take inspiration from that and consider outsourcing their software and application development needs, too.

Certifications by seasoned and well-known software and IT companies like Microsoft have contributed to the rise of offshore software development companies. Being recognized as a Microsoft Gold partner for application development and a Silver partner for collaboration and content is considered an honor to these companies and their team of developers. These certifications guarantee clients that they are working with reliable, creative, and talented software developers.

Offshore software development companies do not merely develop, design, and create software. They can provide support and maintenance for applications, re-engineer existing applications, and assist in migrating legacy applications. Likewise, they are able to provide multi-tenant SaaS application development and cloud consulting. Hence, outsourcing software development to these companies ensures a complete solution and a one-stop source for any concerns in software development for your business.


About Congruent

Congruent, a leading ssis development company is a single source for what your business needs. It is a Microsoft Gold certified partner providing software development outsourcing services to its global clients from its offshore software development center in Chennai, India.

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