Looking For A Dynamics CRM Partner? – 3 Things You Should Know

Dynamics CRM is the customer relationship management software by Microsoft, and it offers data-driven solutions, which are integrated to enhance the way you interact and serve your customers. CRM applications and systems can make it easier for your business to maintain and manage customer relationships, track sales and engagements, and deliver actionable information from a centralized area. A Dynamics CRM partner can help implement a customized solution that is designed specifically for your business. Here are three things you should know about a partner:

1.Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner – Make sure the company is a certified Microsoft partner. That way, you can be sure that they can meet the needs of your business and provide the highest-quality service and solution to you. Consider a company that has at least ten years of experience in providing and implementing Microsoft Dynamics. Certified and seasoned consultants are knowledgeable in the program, and they are capable of understanding your business needs to make sure that they can deliver and implement the solution cost-effectively and as timely as possible.

2.Reliable consultant – A good Dynamics CRM partner empathizes with your business. This way, it can understand exactly what you need and what can be done to improve your existing processes. They have the desire to help. So, you can count on their knowledge to learn more about the platform, and rely on their expertise to implement it once you have decided that it is right for your business.

3.Excellent customer service – Dynamics CRM can optimize your customer service by letting you make the most of the real-time information to resolve and manage their issues quickly and efficiently. However, it is imperative for the Dynamics CRM partner to do the same, too. Hence, be sure to choose a partner that has a good track record of providing reliable and efficient customer service to its clients. You should be able to verify that by looking up testimonials written by existing and previous customers.


The Top Four Reasons to Prefer an Offshore Application Development Company

Outsourcing application development is one of the ways that you can save money and time while making sure that you’re getting a high-quality app or software solution for your business. Here are just four of the many reasons why it often makes sense to entrust your application development project to an offshore company:

1.They have everything necessary to build the app you need – An offshore application development company has all the resources and skills needed to create a custom application that will help you run your organization and enable your business to become more productive. That way, you do not have to hire your own software developers and worry about their pay, training, and benefits.

2.They have the expertise – Leave custom application development, legacy application migration, and maintenance and support for your custom app to an offshore application development company. They can take care of application re-engineering, too.

3.They work in a more organized manner – Working with an offshore application development company can free up your resources, so you will have more time to focus on your business. This can be essential if you are a small or medium-sized organization with limited manpower. When they work, application developers follow a proven process to create your software, while making sure that you are involved in the process. That way, you can be sure that you are getting the right product that can help your business immensely in the long run. Some of the best app development companies follow the SCRUM process, which manages and controls software product development using incremental and iterative practices to increase productivity and save time.

4.They specialize in certain platforms – Some of the best companies offer specialty services like multi-tenant SaaS application development, HTML5-based development, and Microsoft Azure development. You can rely on their expertise to build applications for mobile phones, too.