Despite the frequent emergence of new and innovative development platforms in the tech world, Java continues to rule the realm with the powerful and highly versatile capabilities that it offers to tech experts. However, irrespective of how powerful Java might be for developing complex applications, a successful project outcome largely depends on the skills and knowledge of the developer handling the task. So, to help you get the most from your project and to minimize pitfalls along the way, here are the top tips that you should bear in mind when approaching a Java application development company:

•Make sure the company you choose possesses proven knowledge of all major Java technologies along with robust programming skills in JDBC, JQuery, JSP, JSON/REST, EJB, JSF, JPA, MongoDB, Oracle, Servlets, Spring, JMS and MySQL.

•You should also ensure that the team leader being deputed by the Java application development company for your project understands language and specification fundamentals, scalability and design patterns and possesses proficiency in enterprise driven apps such as JNDI, Enterprise Java Beans, RMI, Java Persistence API, Java Message Beans and the like along with relevant development tools such as Eclipse, MyEclipse and IntelliJ Idea.

•The Java Application Development Company you select should have an extensive work portfolio to show off, with a versatile variety of successful projects handled in the past along with those that are similar to the one you have in mind. Relevant experience in your specific industry niche is also a plus point.

•The company you select should have a team size that is sufficiently large to handle the scale and requirements of your project without having to compromise on quality or delivery timelines.

•Experience and knowledge of cloud based technologies such as Rackspace, Amazon EC2, Google App Engine and Windows Azure will also help you in getting better results from your project with easy management of all aspects of the same.

•Certifications from Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) are a major giveaway of process quality and delivery consistency for any Java development company.

•The company you hire should understand and respect your data privacy and security requirements with proper protocols in place to protect trade secrets, source codes, data and other information that is sensitive to your business enterprise.

•Their account management practices, customer support systems, ticket raising, and resolution parameters and communication standards should be very professional to ensure a smooth flow of operations throughout the tenure of the project.

Just keep these factors in mind when approaching a Java application development company for your upcoming project. All the best!