The Key Advantages of Hiring an Offshore Software Development Company

You might think that in-house software development can save you time and money, but it can actually become costly and time-consuming when you consider the labor involved. Even if you know how to make software, you could be spending your time and effort in other important aspects of your business instead. Hence, it makes sense to hire an offshore software development company. Seasoned offshore software developers are certified and recognized as Microsoft Partners, making them highly qualified to create unique software products for your organization.

An offshore software development company can do many things for you. They can help build custom applications for your end clients or develop a product for ISVs. Leading software developers offer legacy application migration and services for re-engineering an existing application. Likewise, they provide specialized services such as Microsoft Azure development, cloud consulting, HTML5-based development, and multi-tenant software as a service (SaaS) application development.

An offshore software development company will have all the knowledge and tools necessary for building a high-end application that suits your needs. They follow proven procedures that enhance their software development process, too. Leading software developers refer to organization-wide standards in coding, manual peer-to-peer code review, and automated CAT and SCU code review. Code integration is continuously performed using TFS, and automated unit tests are conducted on codes. Bugs are instantly fixed as well.

Reputable software development companies follow the SCRUM process, a proven method for managing and controlling application and software product development using incremental and iterative practices. SCRUM Is an Agile method that helps increase productivity and save time while ensuring the best possible application to be made from available resources. Likewise, it ensures that the software will be released on your agreed date. Software developers involve you in the development process, too. That way, you know exactly how the project is and what is happening with your product.

You can rely on the expertise of an offshore software development company to create a high-quality product. Reputable software developers can take care of upgrades and troubleshooting, too, so you do not have to look for another company for those tasks.


The Benefits of SharePoint Consultancy

If you are thinking about integrating SharePoint into your IT system, a seasoned consultant can help you make an informed decision on the matter. You will need SharePoint consultancy if you want a professional to assess and analyze your business needs, and leave it to the experts to create a customized plan that can meet your objectives. Consulting services are aimed at meeting your unique business needs. The consultants themselves are registered and licensed partners with Microsoft, so you can count on their training and expertise in helping your business find the right solution to streamline collaboration, document management, and intranets in your organization.

SharePoint is a versatile enterprise platform that is not merely for Fortune 500 countries. While 78 percent of those companies rely on it to develop and enrich their offline and online capabilities, it is actually customizable to fit the needs of a small or medium size business, too. As long as you work with a seasoned SharePoint consultant, you can count on an expert to customize a solution that will work best for your business. Consultants will go over your existing document management system while gathering and taking note of your requirements before making recommendations and coming up with the best strategy to implement SharePoint online or on-premise.

Expert SharePoint consultancy and implementation services are offered by Microsoft gold certified partners. Consultants have been involved with SharePoint and offering consultancy services for at least a decade. Hence, you can trust their experience and expertise in creating solutions for building sites and portals, automating certain processes in the business, and content management collaboration. As certified SharePoint consultants, they advise and focus on exploring the platform’s out-of-the-box features and recommend the best solutions that can help your organization become more productive and reduce costs. In case the built-in features are inadequate to your needs, consultants can build a custom solution that will meet them.

SharePoint – An Internal Communicators Guide

To run a profitable business, you need to make sure that you can communicate properly with all your employees, which can be a challenge if they are scattered into multiple departments in different locations. You need a set of reliable tools that can simplify internal communications. SharePoint is one of the best document management and collaboration platform designed by Microsoft. It is browser-based, so it provides an easier way to set up a password-protected and centralized venue for sharing documents and collaboration.

Microsoft SharePoint can work for your organization in many ways, from collaboration, publishing, business intelligence, and automated business processes all the way to enterprise search and social integration. Microsoft stated that 78 percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on SharePoint. Hence, it makes sense to use SharePoint as part of your strategy to improve internal communications. Internal communications are considered as the backbone of successful organization. They must support every aspect of your business and promote employee engagement to boost performance, team morale, and retention.

By using SharePoint for your internal communications system, you can have a flexible and scalable way to allow everyone to collaborate and share using a simple platform. As long as it is properly implemented, SharePoint can enhance your communications strategy and the way you collaborate with your staff. To get started in Microsoft SharePoint, consider consulting with a certified Microsoft Partner that can evaluate your existing internal communications requirements and propose a unique solution using the platform.

Certified Microsoft SharePoint implementation experts can develop custom solutions that can meet your unique needs. Consultants are technically savvy and equipped to handle any requirements involved in implementing SharePoint.  Moreover, they possess the necessary skill sets for different stages and tasks in implementation.

SharePoint implementation consists of different stages. It starts with the consultants gathering your requirements and analyzing them before they proceed to design the function and structure of the collaboration and document management platform. After installation, SharePoint will be configured to suit your specific needs. You and your staff will receive training before doing a trial run of the system. When everything goes according to plan, SharePoint will be launched for your entire organization.


Benefits of Cloud Application Development in The Hospitality Industry

Cloud computing continues to thrive and become adopted in every industry as more businesses are finding it reliable and helpful in reducing overhead costs. For instance, businesses in the hospitality industry continue to realize the benefits of implementing cloud computing solutions and cloud application development as these services help them gain a competitive advantage, while simplifying the way things are done. Here are some of the benefits cloud application development is providing to the hospitality industry:

•Reduce costs – Cloud application development is scalable, so you pay only for what you need in your business. Upfront costs are lower, too, since you are only paying for the computing power and cloud storage for your business. It eliminates the need to invest in additional operational and hardware costs, since the app lets you access your data from anywhere, and your staff can easily learn how to use it, even with minimal training.

•Simplifies access to information, especially for chain hotels – Data that is stored in the cloud can be accessed by authorized branches of a hotel, regardless of where they are. Hence, it is quicker and easier to track down or look up information on certain guests and other matters. This way, cloud application development improves the way employees collaborate for efficient and faster response times to minimize downtime, boost productivity, and enhance the guest experience.

•Your brand is the star – Cloud application development means you get custom business apps designed specifically for your business, so there should be nothing else like them. Hence, you can emphasize your brand, while ensuring easier, cost-effective, and agile access to your apps in the cloud.

•Integrate with existing and upcoming technologies – It lets you run your business both on-premise or in the cloud, so you can adopt mobile applications and SaaS. This way, critical business data is available not only from a single computer, but accessible from anywhere using any device.

What It Takes to Select the Ideal Salesforce Consulting Company

Salesforce is one of the best CRM software and enterprise cloud solutions that can help you streamline your business to make it more efficient in marketing, service, sales, and other aspects in a cost-effective way. If you are not sure about getting Salesforce, you can learn more about it and how your business can benefit from it by talking to certified consultants. A Salesforce consulting company can help you understand and unleash the true potential of the platform and its products to bring more customer value to your business. Here are the things you must consider when selecting the ideal Salesforce consulting company:

•Certification – Experienced Salesforce consulting partners are certified. This means they completed formal training in the implementation, development, upgrading, and troubleshooting of the CRM platform, so they are qualified to help you and answer your questions about it. Their expertise can make it easier for you to realize the true potential of the program, too. Certified and experienced consultants can understand your company’s unique requirements and recommend the best Salesforce solutions based on them.

•Find out what they can do – The best Salesforce consulting company can develop custom Salesforce apps for you, too. This way, you can be sure that the platform can satisfy all your business requirements when conventional functionalities are found to be inadequate. Seasoned consultants can assist in migration, automation, and integration, too. Integration can occur if you have third-party on-premise or cloud applications that you would like to continue using with Salesforce.

•Competencies – A Salesforce consulting company can provide sales and service cloud implementation and consulting, administration, customization, and integration. They can design custom apps and integrate them with other external applications or Salesforce apps, too. Likewise, they can develop, configure, manage, and implement customer, partner, and employee communities through community builder, and build your apps for AppExchange.

Various Benefits of Hiring a SharePoint Consulting Company

Microsoft SharePoint is a good choice for a good and dependable document management and collaboration platform. Being browser-based, it provides an easier way for your team to collaborate and share documents in a centralized and password-protected portal. Hiring a SharePoint consulting company can help you learn more about the features of the platform and how it can help your organization. Certified SharePoint consultants are trusted by many businesses from different industries worldwide to help them find and develop a solution that can meet their unique requirements. With their help, you can leverage the potential of SharePoint for your business.

A SharePoint consulting company can help you in many ways. You can turn to them if you cannot decide whether SharePoint is the right platform for your needs or if you need someone to help you assess and analyze your business needs to create an action plan that can help you make the most of the platform. Assessment and planning services will assess your existing document management system, compile and document your requirements, give recommendations, and come up with an optimal strategy to implement SharePoint online or on-premise.

By hiring a SharePoint consultation company, you are hiring trustworthy partners who can help you implement the platform and use it effectively. Certified consultants are proficient in creating custom solutions and recommending third-party add-ons to help you meet your unique business requirements sooner. This way, you are able to save a lot of money and time.

Consultants are technically savvy and properly equipped to handle every requirement during the implementation of Microsoft SharePoint. With a varied skillset, they can handle any task regardless of which stage of implementation you are currently at. A SharePoint consulting company can provide training to site administrators and business users, and assist you during the trial run of the system before making the system available for the entire organization. That way, you can be sure that everything is going smoothly.

Find Expert SharePoint Consulting Company to Meet Your Company’s Needs

A content management system is typically implemented as software application that is designed to help you create and manage your company’s digital content. Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most commonly used CMS platforms that is easy to use and implement across industries. The software is a document management and collaboration platform that is browser-based. If you are not sure about using CMS, talking to a SharePoint consulting company can be a great way to learn more about it and how it can be tailored to meet your unique business needs. Certified SharePoint consultants are experts in assessing and analyzing the needs of your company to develop a good plan of action to meet those needs.

There are many ways that a SharePoint consulting company can help. One of the benefits of working with them is the assessment and planning service, which will determine your existing document management system and how efficient it is. Consultants will work to gather and note your requirements before making recommendations and creating the best strategy for implementing Microsoft’s CMS platform online or on-premise. SharePoint consultants can provide a full range of consulting services that can help you make the most of your IT investments.

CMS software implementation may seem a straightforward process, but there are a lot of factors involved to determine its success and reliability. For instance, SharePoint offers many different functionalities that can make it complicated to implement and use. You will need guidance from expert and certified Microsoft consultants to learn how to use the platform and all its features easily and effectively.

Expert SharePoint consulting and implementation services can get you started in leveraging the platform to meet your company’s needs. Consultants are proficient in creating bespoke solutions, and they are technically equipped to handle any business needs. They possess the skill sets necessary to complete various tasks and cater to different stages in SharePoint implementation. An expert SharePoint consulting company can become your partner in content and collaboration, too. This means you can rely on their knowledge and expertise in other Microsoft technologies.

Java Application Development Company – The Strategic Choice for High Tech Software

Java application development requires expertise, skill, and experience to build high-tech software using the Java platform. Working with a qualified Java application development company makes sense if you want to create a high-end software product using this platform to boost productivity and improve your existing IT infrastructure. Applications that are created with Java are secure, scalable, and robust applications, but you need to make sure that they are developed by experienced and qualified professionals. A good team of Java application developers typically consists of developers, architects, and consultants, all of which are greatly experienced in delivering and creating Java applications with your best interests in mind.

A Java application development company can understand and analyze the unique requirements of your business before developing a solution using their technological expertise and skills. The team of developers is experienced in all aspects of Java application framework, servers, components, libraries, and database, making it qualified to conduct full-cycle development services using the Java platform, no matter how big or small and complex or easy the project is. Some of the applications that can be created using Java include web applications, mobile apps, and enterprise Java software.

Java software development is a specialty that only certified Java experts can achieve. Reputable Java application development companies follow a standard method for developing software to ensure a high-quality product and effective delivery. They assign project managers and certified PMPs to work with you and guarantee the successful delivery of your software. You can rely on their continuous support and flexible engagement model, too, so you do not have to look elsewhere for these services.

Hiring a Java application development company can be cost-effective if you want to save time and money in the long run. Instead of finding and hiring your own employees, you can outsource the project to qualified experts and avoid the guesswork. Reputable companies have a strict non-disclosure policy, so you can trust your project details to remain private, and nobody else can view your source codes.

Are Offshore Software Development Companies On the Rise?

Many businesses that want to develop software and custom applications turn to offshore software development companies instead of making these products on their own. Offshore software development companies know and understand current IT and business requirements due to their experience in what they do and working with many different types of businesses around the world. They understand that you are looking for a custom application or software that is made specifically for your business. The need for offshore software development companies continues to rise as long as businesses require bespoke software that will enable them to function and conduct their tasks more efficiently and productively.

Offshore software development companies are highly preferable by many different clients. One of the leading software development companies, for instance, has created custom software for big names like 3M, Starbucks, and Thomson Reuters, and Microsoft. This shows that the company is reliable and trustworthy, and that they will be able to deliver the right solution that suits your business. While these are large companies, they understand that outsourcing software development to a certified and experienced developer can help them save money and time in the long run. This way, even small and medium sized companies can take inspiration from that and consider outsourcing their software and application development needs, too.

Certifications by seasoned and well-known software and IT companies like Microsoft have contributed to the rise of offshore software development companies. Being recognized as a Microsoft Gold partner for application development and a Silver partner for collaboration and content is considered an honor to these companies and their team of developers. These certifications guarantee clients that they are working with reliable, creative, and talented software developers.

Offshore software development companies do not merely develop, design, and create software. They can provide support and maintenance for applications, re-engineer existing applications, and assist in migrating legacy applications. Likewise, they are able to provide multi-tenant SaaS application development and cloud consulting. Hence, outsourcing software development to these companies ensures a complete solution and a one-stop source for any concerns in software development for your business.

The History of Microsoft BI Development

Microsoft continuously alters its business intelligence (BI) solutions to provide better tools, services, and applications with the client’s needs in mind. From a multi-dimensional model, a tabular model was introduced for more efficient data analysis, and it works with SSBI tools in Excel 2013, which offers new tools like Power Map, Power View, PowerPivot, and Power Query. When used with excel Services, you get a faster and effective way to accomplish a business intelligence project with shared dashboards. Moreover, you can report in an on-premise platform that runs on SharePoint Server 2013.

In 2000, Microsoft had a multidimensional model where data for analysis is processed, then built into multidimensional cubes to be written locally on a hard drive. This means you can execute business intelligence queries against a cube, which will retrieve aggregated values that were evaluated in advance when it was built. Back then, this approach is more efficient when analyzing large amounts of complex data.

Microsoft has recently introduced Power BI in 2015, a cloud-based business intelligence method in Office 365. It provides a reliable infrastructure for extracting data from anywhere online and load it into the Office 365 data cache to be used for data reporting and analysis. Excel 2013 is currently a high-end analysis tool for that infrastructure as it has SSBI tools. Power BI is more flexible, too, especially since it provides a wider reach with HTML5. That way, you can make custom BI dashboards and targeted reports for browsers and mobile devices.

These days, you now have the option to outsource business intelligence and data analytics to Microsoft Gold partner companies. These qualified companies can create and implement BI solutions, which range from systems analysis to report development and data warehousing. Reputable Microsoft business intelligence development solutions experts are adept in Microsoft technologies and BI technologies, so you can trust their team of developers, consultants, and architects in coming up with a bespoke solution for your business.